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Smokeless products are the critical elements in this quit-smoking strategy, and they must meet several criteria, in addition to the providing tobacco satisfaction at a fraction of the health risk of cigarettes.

  • All of these products provide nicotine and full tobacco flavor, in order to be effective substitutes for cigarettes.
  • All of these products are easy to use, in any social situation. Simply place them under your upper lip anytime you would normally smoke a cigarette for a smoke-free, spit-free tobacco experience.  
  • All of these products are available in the retail market. Costs will vary, depending on local tax rates, and availability also varies, depending on your location.

Click on the links below to get more information about the following products and where to find them.  

Oliver Twist Pellets

Swedish Snus

Ariva Dissolvable

Stonewall Dissolvable

Camel Snus and Camel Dissolvables

Marlboro Snus

Skoal Snus

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