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For more information or questions about this Web site or the research described in it, please contact:

Brad Rodu
Professor of Medicine
Endowed Chair, Tobacco Harm Reduction Research

University of Louisville

Room 208
Clinical and Translational Research Building
505 South Hancock Street
Louisville, KY 40202

Phone: 502-852-7793
Fax:  502-852-7979
Email: brad.rodu@smokersonly.org

Note: Due to spam problems, all email messages must have the following word in the subject line: smokeless . All other messages will be automatically deleted.

More information about using smokeless tobacco to stop smoking is available in the book For Smokers Only: How Smokeless Tobacco Can Save Your Life (Sumner Books, ISBN 0-9666239-0-8).

Health Professionals: Reprints of published research articles are available. Please send requests to the address listed.