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What Others Are Saying

The consensus is growing...Our harm reduction strategy is getting increased attention -- and glowing reviews -- from health and policy experts.

The Intolerance and Arrogance of the Modern-Day Anti-Smoking Movement, by Elizabeth Whelan
The American Council on Science and Health , 2006

Snus or Die, by Chresten Anderson
Brussels Journal, 2005

Snus Ruse, by Jacob Sullum
Reason Magazine, 2004

Smokeless and Mirrors: Stuff This in Your Pipe - and Don't Smoke It, by Ken Boehm
Published by National Review Online, 2004

A New Health Threat: Federally-Funded Health Policy Based on Junk Science
By John Frydenlund, Food and Agriculture Director, Citizens Against Government Waste (www.cagw.org), 2004

Is Smokeless Safer? by Valerie Reitman
Published in the Los Angeles Times, 2004

A Surprising Way to Cut Smoking Deaths, by Steve Chapman
Published in the Chicago Tribune, 2004

A Smokeless Alternative to Quitting, by Sally Satel, MD.
Published in the New York Times, 2004

Where There's Smoke, By Sally Satel, MD.
Published in the Wall Street Journal, 2004

Cancer Experts Back Return of Tobacco 'Teabags,' by Alan MacDermid
Published in The Herald (Glasgow, Scotland), 2004

The Mayo Clinic Spreads Misinformation about Smokeless Tobacco, by John Carlisle
Capital Research Center, 2004

First, Do No Harm Reduction?, By Robert Ekelund
Ekelund is an Eminent Scholar Emeritus in Economics at Auburn University. Published by Tech Central Station, 2004

Get Off Your Duff, You Don't Have to Puff, by Stephanie Ghilarducci
The Grassroot Institute of Hawaii, 2004

Health Activists Suppress Information on Safer Alternatives to Smoking, By Gregory Parker
National Center for Public Policy Research, 2004

Smokescreen on Tobacco, by Ken Boehm, Chair of the National Legal and Policy Center
From the Washington Times, 2004

Smokers Have Alternate Outlet for Addiction, By Terence Scanlon
Published in the Myrtle Beach Sun News, 2004

The Dangerous Anti-Smoking Lobby, by James Carlisle
Capital Research Center, 2003

European Union Policy on Smokeless Tobacco, by EU Tobacco Research and Policy Experts
Published in Tobacco Control, 2003.

Snuff Treatment, by Jacob Sullum
Reason Magazine, 2003.

Killing Them Softly, by Jacob Sullum
Reason Magazine, 2003.

Lying About Smokeless Tobacco, by Jay Ambrose
Scripps Howard News Service, 2003

Running Away from Safety, by Gregory Conko
Washington Times, 2003

Reducing Tobacco Risks with Smokeless Tobacco, by James Gelfand
National Center for Public Policy Research, 2003

Blind to the Facts, by Annette Niebelski
from the Capital Research Center, 2003.

Death By Denied Information, by Jay Ambrose
Scripps Howard News Service, 2003

Smokeless Tobacco Safer Than Cigarettes, by Todd Seavey
In the Lexington Herald-Leader, 2003

Pinch Hit, by Jacob Sullum
Reason Magazine, 2003.

The Case for Chaw (Sort of) by Elizabeth Whelan
President, American Council for Science and Health. Published in Priorities, 2002.

Anti-Tobacco Zealouts, by Walter E. Williams
John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics, George Mason University, Published in 1996

John Allen Paulos, Professor, Temple University
In A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper, 1995.

Phillip Whidden, Association for Nonsmokers' Rights (United Kingdom)
Published in Nature, 1994.
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